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Funeral Services

Pratiche Cimiteriali

Cemeterial practices

We guarantee to customer complete support concerning paperwork and cemeterial formalities. Our customer support insure also a qualified knowledge of cemeterial regulations therefore also under “specific circumstances” it is able to suggest the family making the best decision: death notification at Local Health Units of your expertise, death certificate at Civil Registry in the district where demise occurred; release of authorisation from Legal authorities; transit permit outside the district where demise occurred; mortuary passport for transit from Italy to abroad and viceversa; Customs clearance of human remains from any Italian and foreign airport; cremation procedures; burial loculus; ground burial.

Cura del Defunto

Deceased care (thanatopraxy)

Deceased thanatopraxy experience. This first step is faced on with respect by funeral agency and represent the key factor to handle the deceased, mixing heart feelings with professional techniques to take care about departed person. Deep respect for the deceased is our strength point; every single intervention, from dressing up to thanatocosmetics is the result of great intervention improvement to reach esthetics perfection. Who will pay tribute to the defunct, will recognise him in a grace and composure surrounding

Fiori & Decorazioni

Flowers and Funeral Decoration

Funeral floral compositions are the best way to pay tribute to the defunct and set up the burial chamber: from time immemorial flowers represent an attentive way and in the same time effective to state your feelings, exactly in a sad moment like a funeral rites. They succeed to communicate your closeness to the demise and their relatives. Competence, quality, proficiency and discretion to release relatives from duty and administrative procedures rite requires.

Opere Cimiteriali

Burial Masonry

We are specialised in burial masonry design and realization: loculus tombstone, memorials, graves and funeral chapels. It might be a simple procedures but it is not. It represents a culture sign and an act of love towards our deceased. As it is very important it is needed the usage of fine materials, well-advanced products and experienced designers.



We offer all the support and solutions for those who wants his loved one be cremated. We will do all the paperwork and follow the deceased until the crematorium. We provide all the papers to those which will is to be cremated. Our company will do all the paperwork and free archiving papers.



We offer the possibility to publish necrologies on national and international newspapers. You can also publish, apart familiar necrology, even attendances, condolences, thirtieth days, die septima, in memoriam, recurring events and anniversaries.

Urne Cinerarie

Cinerary Urns

We offer a wide set of urns: wooden, bronze, porcelain, metal and resin one, with several forms and different usage: for preservation, burial and dispersion as provided by law. All the products are certificated and containing manufacturing descriptions. All the cinerary urns can be customised by pictures and bas-relief or deceased bas-relief portrays (all the bas-relief are hand made).

Trasporto Funebre

Funeral transport service

We own the whole legal and sanitary transit authorisations. We will handle the funeral rites and transit the coffin to the cemetery for the burial to national and international destination. Regarding international transit, we can cover every destination by hearse or coffin transit to harbour and airports, depending on relatives' choice.

Assistenza Psicologica

Psychological Counseling

Our company employs a high specialised psychologist to help our clients to overcome crisis connected with demise of the loved ones and manage the entire funeral rites process.